The Follow Through

   Read below to learn about my first novel, The Follow Through.    

   The Follow Through is the story of Ben Mitchell, a seemingly average family man, who has been plagued his entire life by visions of his own participation in intense violence, rape, and murder.  These visions have always come unbidden and have consumed him.  Ben is so ashamed of these horrific visions that he has never shared his secret with anyone, including his wife, until the day he sees himself killing his beloved daughter.  It is then that he realizes that this is a secret he can no longer keep.

     The untimely death of Ben’s parents reveal the truth about Ben’s biological parentage, and pushes Ben on a journey to find his birth parents in the hopes of uncovering some answers about his visions.  What he finds is a truth too horrible to be believed, and as his visions come to fruition, Ben is ultimately pitted in a showdown with his own inner demons, where the life at stake may be his own.

     The Follow Through is a psychological thriller that makes us examine the issue of nature versus nurture, and leads us to question all that we assume we know about ourselves, our limits, and our own evil capabilities.


5 Responses to The Follow Through

  1. […] direct you to her writing web page and you can read a synopsis of the book.  Her site can be found here.  She’s awesome. 2. Do you go to the dentist regularly? I try.  I do.  I’m […]

  2. Eve Hopkins says:


    Amazon seemingly teased us with only a section of your book from the Kindle free book section. I was hooked from the start. I’m interested in reading your book to the finish. Have you published it? Can you direct me to where I can read it ALL?

    Thank you,

  3. […] I haven’t been diligent about keeping it up at all so don’t expect much.  However, this link will take you directly to the story […]

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