June 10, 2011

I’ve been writing like a fiend, lately.

I just spent three months on maternity leave, with my fourth child, and found my creative juices to be unstoppable.

I think it is safe to say that my children, are indeed, my muses.

Which may seem strange, considering the subject matter of The Follow Through, however, with children, all things are fantastical and imagined.  It moves my own imagination and reminds me that, in your mind, anything is possible.

I’ve also begun the process, once again, of trying to market my novel.

I feel as though The Follow Through is calling out and begging to be read, and so I revisit the process of looking for representation, in the hopes that someone else will agree that this is a story worthy of being read by others.


Back to the Drawing Board

May 14, 2010

So, I didn’t win the contest, but I’m very proud of myself for making it to the Quarterfinal Round.

Today, after work, I am back to the drawing board. While I will still be actively trying to market The Follow Through, I’ve begun outlining my next novel. It’s an exciting time, as the thoughts are moving faster than my fingers can type, sometimes!

Wish me luck in this next writing venture!

I’m a Quarterfinalist!!!

March 24, 2010

As you may remember, a few months ago, I submitted my novel to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. They originally took 5,000 entries, and in the second round, narrowed it to 1,000. I was thrilled to have made that cut. As of yesterday, they have narrowed the field again, to the 250 quarterfinalists. I’m in!

In this next round, our excerpts have been posted on Amazon.com and are awaiting customer reviews. So, if you are so inclined, I would love if you could help me out!

If you go to Amazon.com, in the Search All Departments box, type in “Amy Bozza.” (Tee-hee…I’m on Amazon!) You will get a list and my excerpt will be first. There will be a tan box to the left that says “Thriller and Suspense” and then to the right of that is my name and the title, which is “The Follow Through.” If you click on the title, it will take you to the page for my excerpt. Here’s the direct link to my page.
You have to download the excerpt, but there is a catch. They only allow downloads to Kindle’s or to Kindle for PC. Imagine my dismay, as I don’t own a Kindle, however, I was able to quickly and freely download Kindle for PC. Again, it’s FREE. Took about two minutes. Once you download the program, you can go back and download the excerpt. If you have a Kindle, you can download directly to your Kindle.

This is the important part: After you have read the excerpt, please go back to Amazon and leave a customer review. I’m happy to take high-fives on the blog in the comments, but please keep the reviews “business-like.”

Thank you for your support!

Made it Through

February 25, 2010

I made it through to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest!

Someone, somewhere liked my pitch!

A few someones, somewhere liked my pitch!

I’m just thrilled.

Yes, I’m still one of 1,000, but I’m not in the 4,000 that didn’t make it, and that’s big!

So, wish me luck!

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

February 2, 2010

So, I entered The Follow Through in the Amazon Breakthough Novel Award contest today.

Feels good to get the novel out there.  Really good!

The first round is people reading the pitch. 

The grand prize is a contract with Penguin.

Wish me luck!

Stepping It Up

January 19, 2010

So, it’s not a step toward publishing the novel, but I applied for a blogger position at a family oriented website and so far, they say that I meet their criteria!

Their next round of hiring begins March 1, and they will contact me then for the interview process, and if I do well, then I start a paid training period.  I am hopeful that this goes well, because I enjoy writing and blogging so much.  I spend so much time on my personal blog, writing for a website, with a specific purpose to each article would be a welcome change!

So, wish me luck!

New Year…Fresh Start

January 3, 2010

My personal blog has been doing very well.

It is definitely helping to satisfy my need to write, but I still have more words inside me that are dying to get out.

Also, as you can see on my personal blog, one of my goals for the new year is to nurture my creativity more than I have.  It’s a definite need for me, as I feel more grounded and better centered when I’ve been able to write to my heart’s content. 

Along those lines, I applied, today, to be a blogger at Families.com.  I filled out the application, submitted two sample blogs, and will now wait to hear.  They say that they usually get back to applicants within a week, so I’ll fill you all in when I hear.